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The Buzzvillian Experience Map is a program that introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun policies in detail. If you are curious about how the Buzzvillians grow through different experiences, please pay attention to the Buzzvillian Experience Map. Buzzvil will continue to explore through different experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.


First up, we will start with BuzzHoliday. Any Buzzvillian who has worked here for more than three years can have a two-week refreshment break. It is one of the most popular policies that we have, and many Buzzvillians have used this policy already, including John, our Co-CEO. Don’t you want to know how they have spent their ‘quality time where they can focus on themselves’ away from the passionate workplace they’ve been dedicated to? Let’s hear more about it.

Hello, can you please introduce yourself to us?

Hello, my Koreans name is Shinji Park and I’ve been working as the marketing manager for four years at Buzzvil. I’ve recently been on a 19-day trip to Europe on the BuzzHoliday. At Buzzvil, people call me by my English name, Jianna.

What was the concept for your BuzzHoliday?

My goal was to visit my friend and travel around Europe. For three weeks, I’ve been to three countries and seven cities in Italy, Switzerland, and England. I was supposed to visit various conferences and events related to mobile marketing and advertisement while traveling, and I also received subsidiary fees for participation. However, there weren’t any events that suited my time table, location, and area of interest, so to my disappoint (or maybe thankfully?), I only ended up traveling. Haha.

I forgot everything about the company, work and career to concentrate on ‘traveling’ only. For three weeks, I shut down my email and Slack to really get engaged in my travel. I was actually a bit frustrated because nobody really missed me as much as I thought they would have.

What did you want to experience the most?

I chose my travel destination based on the place my friend lived in. Thankfully, I was able to meet up with a friend who is studying in Italy and another friend who’s working in England, and we visited Switzerland in the middle of a one-night tour to Grindelwald to get a glimpse of the country. When I met my friends, we spent our time just chatting about all sorts of things like how we’ve been getting along and our overall future plans.

I’m also a huge fan of nature and parks, so I went around different parks in Grindelwald, Italy, and England just to chill and relax. Spending time in nature, I realized that I’m only a particle within the grand Mother Nature!

What was the most memorable episode during your BuzzHoliday?

I started a small project for myself since this trip, and the title is a bit cheesy but it’s called the #RUNANDREMEMBER. I wanted to remember the details of where I visited and the moments in my own style, so I finally started this project that I’ve only ever thought about doing up until now.

I don’t just like running – I LOVE running. Since it’s become part of my hobby in my 20’s, I always run 5-10km at least 3 to 4 times a week, and I do this for my health and to clear my head. I planned the project because I wanted to go running while I was traveling. To start off, it was quite successful. I was able to feel the local vibes that I wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t go running, and I also felt like I’ve been living in the city indirectly. There are more people jogging in Europe compared to Korea, so it was easy to blend in.

While I was doing this project, I kept recordings in the Nike Run Club app and my Instagram story posting. I am also planning to continue the #RUNANDREMEMBER project in the future like my diary, not only when I go traveling, but also when I want to capture daily moments.

Do you have regrets?

I’m a little bit regretful that I’ve spent the entire three weeks only on traveling. I was thinking maybe I should’ve stayed in Korea for about a week to take a rest, but then again, I have no regrets because when else would I be able to go traveling around Europe for three weeks?

How do you feel about the BuzzHoliday policy that is designed to provide a refreshment?

I tried to refresh myself physically and mentally, but my account balance has become refreshed instead. After going away for a few weeks in places with higher price levels, I now have an actual reason for really working hard. ^___^ What I’m talking about in the review is half-joking. But yeah, as a refreshment, BuzzHoliday is a good opportunity and policy to refresh ourselves physically and mentally away from work, because it’s often hard to distinguish our work and life at a startup.

Moreover, if you live in a repetitive environment while working at a company, your perspective tends to narrow down even if you try hard not to. Thanks to BuzzHoliday, I was able to experience different countries and their culture. After chatting with my friends, I also realized that everyone has similar worries and concerns, even if we live and work in different environments, so BuzzHoliday really allowed me to broaden my perspectives once again.

BuzzHoliday policy was able to give me new experiences and learning, and it allowed me to stay away from work for a long time because there are other team members to support and backup the system. In this sense, Buzzvil provides us with a good environment, and compared to when I started off here four years ago, I thought that Buzzvil has also grown a lot in different aspects.

Lastly, do you have any tips to give to other Buzzvillians that will be using BuzzHoliday?

As I said before, I tried to refresh my body and mind but ended up refreshing my account balance. For those of you wanting to raise your Buzzvil retention through your card bills, I would recommend going to Europe. Haha.

One tip I would really like to give is that whether you are someone who’s been working here for a week for three years, I recommend asking yourself beforehand, ‘What would I do on my BuzzHoliday?’ and imagine what you are going to do. I think there would be hundreds of options, including traveling, learning something, reading books, playing games, sleeping all day and just doing nothing. If you think about how to reward yourself for the three years that you have endeavored at work, I think you will be able to find a new motivation to continue working hard once again. I hope all of the Buzzvillians can use the BuzzHoliday policy and enjoy it according to their own tastes! Thank you.

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