BuzzAd for Partners
Drive revenue and user engagement with our reward-based premium inventories.

Maximize Monetization

Generate extra ad revenue with our premium mobile inventories.

Leverage massive advertising demand from Buzzvil’s ad network and global direct sales force.

Our Products

  • Lockscreen
    Did you know smartphone users view their lockscreens an average of 60 times per day? Be the first impression of your user's mobile experience.
  • Pop
    Grab users’ attention above the clutter with our chat-head like banners that deliver a natural ad experience.
  • Offerwall
    BuzzAd is integrated into more than 80 ad networks worldwide, which allows users to engage in various action-type ads to earn points.
  • Best way to increase user engagement

    Attract users to your app by pushing content, promotions, and utilities on our premium inventories.

    Reward users for interacting with you through our unique ad units, and allow them to redeem their rewards on your app.

    What We Offer
    Win the market without sacrificing your profit

    To Smartphone
    Device Makers

    Monetize with BuzzAd and offer upfront discounts on devices to price-sensitive users.

    To Telcos

    Generate extra revenue and provide discounts on calls and data.

    To App Publishers or Developers

    Boost revenue and engage users by providing shortcuts and content linked to your app.

    Active user acquisition


    Increase (Up to 96%)



    Increase (Up to 122%)

    User In-app Activity


    Increase (Up to 991%)

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