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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello! I am Park Chae-Eun who is in charge of business development strategy and operation at Buzzvil. I’m so used to being called Chelsea in the company that I don’t look back when someone doesn’t call me Chelsea anymore. There are two reasons why I ended up with the nickname “Chelsea”.

Obviously, it’s from my name Chae-Eun.

But also I like Chelsea FC, the English football team <3

These days, it has transformed into quite a few variations such as Charlesy, Chelsey, Sychelle, and Cherushi but they have all been on the Slack alarm so people can tag me using those. You are always welcome to come up with more creative names for me.

I won the “Buzzvil Vitamin” (+ Zara’s Vitamin) prize at the Buzzvillian Awards in March of year, and I am the kind of person who feels a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I can help myself and the people around me feel happy. I have been doing this project called Monthly Park Chae-Eun (or Monthly Chelsea) where I send long KakaoTalk texts about my life in the past month to people I really adore on the first day of every month and it has been going on for three years now. As you see I invest time to take care of the people around me and I have a lot of love for them, but when I take an MBTI test, the result is a very strict manager (ESTJ)… I think it’s because I tend to have fun out of setting a high target and really getting stuck in at every stage. In that sense, I really fit the company where everyone knows how to work hard and play hard.

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

For me, Buzzvil is my first job. I signed in right after graduation from MA. I majored in philosophy and business administration as an undergraduate and studied international management and commerce in graduate school. At the time, I was interested in a lot of fields and looking for subjects to research. Then the fourth industrial revolution had emerged as the keyword for the future. My professor made many speeches at related forums, so I ended up with a lot of materials on the subject. As the industrial structure changed, I thought that the types of major player in a market also changed. For me, in the corporate-led societies, small, fast-moving organizations seemed to be those who would have greater impact and have the ability to change the shape of life. It made me excited to see ideas and concepts that were totally new and fresh became a way of life and deemed highly valued. Nowadays people go on holidays and they automatically turn to Uber and Airbnb. So these new ideas are permeating into our daily lives really fast and I thought this is the era of a major paradigm shift in which I wanted to be an active player.

In that context, I was writing a paper titled “Key Driving Factors for Korean Mobile Start-Ups To Venture in Overseas Market” but mere interviews or research behind the desk did not satisfy my thirst for startups. I wanted to go and work right away, so I looked for a startup that matched the keywords: # Mobile # Global business, #B2B, #corporate culture, and #colleagues and the answer was Buzzvil (there was the added bonus that if their overseas projects are successful my thesis would automatically be substantiated). I immediately applied for a position that was available and went through two interviews in two days and started the day after the second interview. It’s a scary place.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I am in charge of strategy and operations for the Business Development Team (BD Team). The BD team is literally the business development team for Buzzvil which is now leading the partnership strategy for Buzzvil’s main product BuzzScreen. BuzzScreen is partnering with some hot, major companies including OK Cashbag, L.POINT and CJ ONE. I support a wide range of operations from technical issues to CS for these important partners. In addition, I am responsible for the BD team’s strategy. The two main areas of the strategy are 1) process efficiency, 2) lead generation and vertical strategy.

In short, my role is to find the areas where inefficiency in the outbound partnership process occurs and to solve those problems or propose alternatives methods as well as fill in the process gaps. Also, I search for new leads for outbound BD of Buzzvil’s products and assess which categories or areas will be beneficial for BuzzScreen’s explore. I am so pleased to be working for the team that operates and manages the partnership strategy for the flagship product which boasts 2.5 million DAU in Korea and one I consider to be the face of this company. It’s not easy to run both the strategy and operation parts but learning all this head on helped me get the hang of it fast and you stay tuned with the reality when you are working on a new strategy.

Outside of work, I set up a group for pizza tasting and as a Harry Potter fanatic, I have never neglected to dormitory allocation test (the event on the official website of Harry Potter). In addition, I am an active member of the pun lovers’ slack channel in the ‘Youngup’ room which was started by Simon from the sales team. It is where we muck about writing puns and posting quick emojis.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

First of all, it can’t compare with being stuck behind the desk. It feels like one minute passes at the speed of 10 minutes. When you’re sat down, you see so many people pacing around with their laptops. With the quick passage of time, it seems to me that life in a startup always feels like you ate in the middle of a shift. The scope of your job changes, the people you work with changes, the size of your company quickly grows, the capabilities of your product are upgraded, and even the environment around your startup is changing. That’s why I often feel that I need to be flexible enough to adapt to and enjoy all these changes. There was a time when Google Playstore changed their policies at the turn of this year which put our company in the eye of the storm. I was seeing how my colleagues kept calm and carried on and thought that people should start using ‘Buzzvil’ as a synonym for the word ‘dynamism’.

There are great authority and responsibility given to individuals here. I have a wide range of things to do considering that this is my second year here. Buzzvil is my first ever work. When I talk to my friends in other industries, I can really feel those aspects. It’s my daily routine to decide on the things we need to do and have to do by contemplating, discussing and persuading others. As a most of the tasks are carried out like projects, I get more sense of accomplishment and put the foot on the gas. I feel engaged in every stage of a project and knowing the weight of the work makes me feel responsible and really gets me going.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvilians”?

My biggest hobby is Netflix and their corporate culture can be summed up by the quote “Great Workplace is Stunning Colleagues”. The biggest advantage of working in Buzzvil for me and many people I know at work are we the Buzzvillians. I’ve met a lot of smart people, but I have never been around such a large group of people so full of energy and passion for their work who are also happy and influence others in positive ways. On top of that, they are all nice people and so much fun to be around. Does it make sense? So, we would set up activities groups or go out on weekends or go to a workshop in Bali have a time of our lives. I burst into laughter at least once a day at work, and I think it’s really nice to do my job with such a big smile.

It’s also nice to be able to see the movement of all the teams that make up the company and get to know what they are doing. I feel it more as I am in the BD team. It often feels like the whole company itself is working on a single project. Create your product, develop tools to deliver the appropriate advertising in a timely manner, get the ads you want to expose on board, expand the advertising inventory and increase value, and finally engage and manage each of the partners - people from every team are eager to do their bit and share their ideas for this process. We analyze and share transparently each performance and communicate internally and externally for get things done. One has got to recognize that every team is needed and it can’t be done if there is someone missing. I can work happily when I can see the whole company working in harmony toward one goal without losing energy. It’s a place that helps you achieve your 100% and grow to a new level. So, thanks to this vitality I think we were able to get through difficult times together.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

You can see the quotes that are linked to the company’s vision dotted around the office, and one that blew me away is “Out Max is Unlimited”. I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a good influence for others, and I worked hard, thinking that there was only one way I could do that. But after a few turns and twists my life was going in a completely different direction from what I had expected, and when I was starting to feel a bit nervous, I came across this company which let me know that I had no ceiling. So now I’m focusing on learning and experiencing many things without setting any limits or limiting myself. After all, it is my dream to realize ways and directions to make those around me happy with a good vibe.

I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs’ idea of “Connecting the Dots” and I know that Buzzvil is going to be such a big dot in my life. Thankfully, I can experience everything between A and Z at my company, and there are those who I like to work with who are a constant source of inspiration. While growing with Buzzvil, I would like to keep making the dots and I believe that when I turn around after having connected them all, the goal I was hoping for would already have been achieved. As a final question for the second interview, I was asked, “What would you expect most if you worked in Buzzvil?”. I eagerly said, “I don’t want to pick just one answer and miss the rest. I am a white sheet of paper that looks forward to all of the experiences and people here so you can fill me in with everything you can give!”. Yeah, I’m still being filled in now. For me, Buzzvil is a great place that is more than just a workplace.

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