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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello. My name is Sung Hyun Kang. I’m in charge of Operations in the Sales Department at Buzzvil. During the year and a half I’ve worked here, the name Ekko has become more familiar than my real name. There are many episodes where I’ve been called Aircon (air conditioner), Echo, or Equus mistakenly by some employees because my English name is a bit peculiar. Surprisingly, few people know that this name comes from one of the LOL characters. It’s true. I have made Ekko my English name because I’ve really liked the character and have been good at playing as him. I’ve become more attached to it because it’s not common.

Like this, I have always been concerned with how I could be engraved in other people’s memories. Because that has been a mental nourishment for me regarding relationships with other people. This is a bit of an off example, but I’ve been picked as one of those being good at office politics in terms of dealing with John. ^^; (Lately, there has been growing competition.) The word “politics” doesn’t actually go well with Buzzvil. It might even be a taboo word, considering the company atmosphere at Buzzvil. It’s just that the jokes I go around telling people brighten the mood here, and that makes me understand what kind of position I’m in at the company. Because John can take my jokes, it’s been fun to work here. (Actually, this might also sound like I’m kissing up to him ;-)

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

My first start as a Buzzvilian began as an intern. With the unique background in earning 80,000 Korean won (about 70.91 USD) from display advertising alone while using Cash Slide for 4 years, I constantly professed my interest in lockscreen inventory. That led me to join this company. Actually, the only lockscreen app I had used was Cash Slide, but I thought the business direction of Buzzvil’s BuzzScreen, continuing to secure various partner companies, was attractive. So, as a true user of a lockscreen service, I wanted to paint the future of lockscreen with Buzzvil.

I was also very interested in mobile services. As an intern at Kakao Corp., I was taking part in a project planning an O2O service. Through this, I became attracted to the values of mobile services in connecting person to person. Learning about each process creating the values such as user scenario design, making feature lists, prototype and markup, and establishing BM especially motivated me immensely enabling me to feel that I would be able to try a wide variety of work in the fast-changing mobile industry. Of course, Buzzvil has been filling me with that motivation.

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I mainly set up the advertisements that are sent to the BuzzScreen lockscreen and monitor them. I also work and think together with clients so that they can achieve their KPI. To put it in more detail, I enhance targeting, link advertisements, operate offerwall partnerships, and manage domestic sales. I put stabilizing and optimizing domestic advertisements of BuzzScreen in front of everything else when I work. In addition, when there is an issue with an advertisement, I work as a spearhead of BuzzScreen advertisements, taking charge of the communications to solve any conflicting interests between various clients.

To win new advertisements, I continue to monitor various products on the mobile platform and the advertisements. I work with the mindset that I have to be familiar with every domestic advertisement. This has penetrated my life so much that there are a few episodes. For example, at one of the company get-togethers, I saw an advertisement I really wanted to win on TV. I said to John and Jarrod in a direct way that ‘it seems like our company is the only one who did not win that advertisement.’ (Having said this, it really seems like I’m abnormal ^^;) To make it sound better, I am helping the sales manager’s work by searching the far ends of the world of advertisement to find the one advertisement that BuzzScreen hasn’t had a chance to grab yet.

*Please note that Ekko has transferred as Sales manager who seeks new advertisers in a bid to explore new horizons in the ad world.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

There’s a lot of communication among the concerned parties especially when running advertisements. During that process, I often take on the type of work where I take the lead in figuring out the problems and improving them. In other words, among startup companies, Buzzvil especially actively grants employees the responsibilities and authority so that they can take charge in handling their work. It can be difficult to create new work opportunities beyond his/her main role if it’s not a startup company, but the possibilities are endless for employees at a startup company. I can grow as a responsible working-level employee because of that reason. These points are what make a startup company attractive to me.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvilians”?

The clear answer to that question is people. It is very attractive to run toward the same goal with such great people. Usually, stress from people can interfere with work itself, but I can be confident that it doesn’t happen at Buzzvil. There is a saying that says if you think there is no strange person at work, then you are the strange one. There was a time when I seriously considered those words.

The second answer to that questions is the active support from the company for the employees to tackle new work. When you start working at a company, there is usually a main role for you. Nevertheless, if there is a new insight or a job that could promote your growth, the leader and the teammates put their brains together and start painting a picture. I wanted to apply my know-how, gained from managing BuzzScreen for a long time, to sales in my own way. Currently, I am realizing that one step at a time through inbound sales and managing the agencies.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I don’t think too far into the future, so I’m currently thinking about my goals 1 to 2 years from now. My goal is to directly contribute to the sales and growth of Buzzvil through various work. Every work that happens inside Buzzvil is actually connected with Buzzvil’s goals. But, what I would like to say is that I want to test my limits by taking on the role of quantifying the work and receiving clear feedback. That is why I want to keep challenging in different areas such as advertisement sales, product planning, and advertising skills, figuring out what I can do best. As I work with this goal in my heart, Buzzvil will face a bright future. Not to mention I will be satisfied with the further growth of myself, of course.

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