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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hi! I’m Leia, Global Operations manager at Buzzvil, I borrowed it off one of my favourite movies. I was born in Busan, Korea, then moved to Thailand when I was 6 and got all my education there in English. So at Buzzvil, I get teased a lot as being;

  1. a) Thai  
  2. b) a foreigner who speaks good Korean
  3. c) a Korean who speaks worse/better Korean than expected
  4. d) other

Let me say once and for all, I’m Korean, not a foreigner. I remember myself as being the quiet kid in class, but that changed very quickly and now people would just laugh at me if I told them I’m actually shy. When I came back to Korea to study Business at university, I found myself becoming the quiet kid in class again trying to adapt to life in Korea and wondering about what I wanted to do with my life. I realized that I didn’t want a “normal” corporate life like many other Business graduates and that’s when I started to consider startups as one of my options. Now I know that I made the right choice since I can be more like my happy self here at Buzzvil.

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

Before Buzzvil I worked at two very different companies, both very different roles, and both VERY different from what I’m used to at Buzzvil now. I wasn’t happy at my previous job, so I consulted my friend about the problems and she told me that David’s company, Buzzvil was hiring for a position and that I sounded like a good fit. So I contacted David straight away, spoke to him, researched more and found that the work environment and the job description sounded like I would do well there. In fact, my very first job was at another startup, but as it did not go as I expected it to go, I was anxious about joining another startup again. Thanks to the positive articles about Buzzvil - kudos to the PR team - alongside David’s anecdotal support I decided to apply for the position. After three tough interviews, I got a call asking to join Buzzvil, and here I am!

3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

Currently, I handle Slidejoy’s customer support and operations, contents sourcing, user communication and marketing of Slidejoy and HoneyScreen. When I first joined Buzzvil, I went through some serious on the job training for Slidejoy’s CS - the joy of seeing 1,000 customer emails on a Monday morning, I think it’s something everyone should experience one day. What I find most fun handling Slidejoy’s CS is that users email us in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian…etc. so I get to learn foreign languages for free! Although it can get pretty hellish trying to respond to the wave of requests, a simple “thank you” might just be enough to keep me going.   On the operations side, our store management was a big part for me. From researching to integrating new store partners and items, planning our Buzzstore admin and integrating Slidejoy to the Buzzstore system are some of the projects that I’ve faced so far. Through that experience I became more accustomed to working with our PMs and developers. Since Slidejoy can be used in many countries, it’s also my job to gather contents sources to keep users engaged in our recently updated feed. I used to curate contents for the lockscreen itself, but thankfully that’s been updated so that our AI will now curate personalized contents for our users. In order to do so successfully, I first worked on setting up guidelines and requirements for contents sourcing, then added and monitored our contents sources for most countries, this is an on-going mission! Recently, user communication and marketing was added to my job description. I’ve been looking into user retention and user engagement and I feel like we could be kinder in introducing our app to our users! In the future, I’ll be testing out different events and activities to help engage Slidejoy and HoneyScreen users. Strictly speaking this isn’t my job, but I’ve been leading an English study group by watching TV shows(Desperate Housewives anyone?) together then interrogating students about it. It’s the only time Buzzvillians get really quiet and start avoiding eye contact with me, which is quite amusing to watch. I also get asked creative English related questions by Buzzvillians(Joyce takes full advantage of this) and I’m happy I can help.

4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

Working at a startup is motivating. Yes, it can be horrible at times because you are the one who’s responsible, you are the one guy doing the job of several people and it can get overwhelming. But because you’re here, and there’s no one else to do it for you, there’s no one here to boss you around, you have to be the proactive one to try implement changes, you want to learn more to make life easier for yourself and make it more interesting. I think it’s the mentality you need to keep up with changes at a startup.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvilians”?

Since I already mentioned about how motivating Buzzvil can be workwise, I want to talk about the Buzzvillians themselves. Being surrounded by amazing people is a huge motivator. People here are so enthusiastic at everything! They are continuously striving to do improve, or change and adapt so fast, it’s crazy; one day they are doing PR, the next day you turn around and they’ll be coding, then there’s someone who was doing pilates, then he goes off to sing and act on stage in a musical, there are also people who just live off puns all day to make others laugh even when they’re writing super serious emails doing their job. This place is full of true multitaskers. So whenever I don’t feel too enthusiastic about anything, having these crazy people around me actually gives me a kick in the backside to do better, or at least laugh and get through a long day.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Well, I’ve always believed in not regretting my choices and experiences, and these days especially, I’ve decided that I wanted to become less fearful in life. In that sense, Buzzvil personally helps by having inspiring people around me, always doing new things, always on the move - it’s a constant, live reminder for me to try do the same; to do the things I want to do, regardless of the consequences. Furthermore, the work that we do here, trying out new tasks and projects even though we’re not experts at it ourselves at the start, the atmosphere here allows us to take risks and learn at the same time. At first, the task itself looks daunting, then you struggle through it and get the confidence that you can do it again and do it better next time. For me that’s been a really important takeaway, getting over the fear of doing something new. I never thought I’d be saying something so cheesy but I think I’ve picked up the courage to deal with anything, and that’s something I can’t regret right? :)

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