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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello,  my name is Cindy from the global team. My Korean name is Hee-Soo Yoo. I got both of them from my parents. While preparing for this ‘people blog’, I came to realize that it’s been already about a year and a half since I joined Buzzvil. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of my team members for helping and encouraging me from the moment I joined Buzzvil last June as an intern to this February when I graduated. I did a double major in management, and UIL(US and Internationl Law). I started my first career here. I am an overachiever, but at the same time I tend to be concerned a lot. So I always try to prepare plan B every time I make decision. I am also competitive and I enjoy competition, yet I sometimes get discouraged. I am usually outspoken when I experience something unfair. I feel quite lucky and pleased that I haven’t experienced much unfairness so far that prevents me from leading a honest life. I also serve as the president of Pilates club in Buzzvil. I started Pilates at the moment the club was organized, which means I am a mere beginner. Still, doing Pilates gives me an opportunity to bond with Buzzvillians. As far as I know, at the moment our club is the biggest. I will do my best to keep all the members happy with high retention.(FYI, Buzzvil runs various clubs. If you are interested, click here)


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

In college, I had a lot on my plate, and I was interested in many things. To find my career after graduation, I did a lot of soul-searching and took part in a variety of activities but to little avail. Finally, I decided to make some time to contemplate. To that end, I kept myself busy by taking as many classes as I was allowed to during seven semesters. I even took some sessions during vacation. Back then, I thought at least one full semester would be needed to think about my future. By the time the 7th semester was coming to an end, my school opened a startup internship program, and the organizer was none other than my mentor at the finance club that I was taking part in. As he has inspired me a lot, I decided to participate the program introduction session. I thought that the internship experience in a startup would help me identify what I really want. Buzzvil seemed quite a nice place for me to adjust and learn. I applied without any hesitation since it was a place where I was able to make full use of my two majors, too. As my school is in pohang and was in the middle of semester, I thought coming in for an interview would not be easy. But luckily when I was in Seoul for another job interview, Buzzvil contacted me. On a side note, I guess the reason why I went well with the first stage of the job interview is due to the fact that I was taking 5 international law major classes during that time since the interview was only in English. Now I know that the qualification of Buzzvil is so high but I was so positive about my interview at that time, thinking I would never fail it. I had a hunch that Buzzvil and I were on the same wavelength, not to mention the smooth interview. After the first interview, I badly wanted to become a member of Buzzvil because of beautiful office and the two interviewers, Sophia and David was so nice. Thankfully, I passed the final interview, and spent the last semester in Buzzvil as an intern. Thinking back, it was a much more fantastic way to wrap up my college life than I would imagine though leaving the school earlier than expected was little bit sad.


3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I am responsible for global partnerships and operations optimization. I take care of managing the supply and demand in advertisement for countries we are dealing with. On top of that, my job is to consider strategies in response to shifting markets and operational situation. It requires continued cooperation with various teams such as the development team, the operation team. Managing global partnerships enable you to feel and learn the big picture of the ad industry. You have to face the changing types of ad on an ongoing basis depending on the market situations. With that in mind, you are required to manage to handle a deal with new partners and support technical assistance. Against this backdrop, you will experience the basic framework and come to learn what to do to achieve your goal. This is a job where you can get competitive in your career especially in an era where IT is indispensable. Recently, I am in charge of incorporating survey on the mobile sector into products. Thanks to that, I am learning about the entire research market along with challenges and happiness involved with new businesses. Operations optimization needs careful deliberation because it should make the whole process efficient. Therefore, it provides good opportunity to take into account the dynamics of various teams. It starts from differentiating the part that could be handled automatically or not.  The former requires planning the automation processes and make it more sophisticated, the latter, on the other hand, requires to set up a process so that things could be operated more efficiently. While the global partnership’s role helps me develop skills for understanding technical difficulties, it enables me to take things into account along with them.In this job you can experience duties and responsibilities of multiple departments directly or indirectly. Plus, it is possible to incorporate your thoughts into that to implement new ideas.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

As I started my first career here in Buzzvil, a startup, people around me were concerned about my future career path. By the time I became a full-time employee, I was advised to move to more well known firms for my career. It might be great if there are some name of famous companies in my resume and I also do think that it would be an effective strategy to impress future interviewers. But as I am sure that there are so many factors in my life that cannot be explained without talking in person, I just made up my mind thinking ‘becoming a regular employee while still in college, cool!’. The reason that I decided to stay in Buzzvil without any hesitation is that it has so many ideal aspects. The keyword ‘Growth’ takes its deep root in every member and also the company as a whole. Startups need to be nimble to survive. Thus, they must put every effort in every process, procedure, and its members while moving in small units. Therefore, there is no room for typical unfair situations common in company life among the elite members. My responsibilities at work are very challenging and sometimes overwhelming. I always feel that I should be on alert through the processes of decision-making and challenges to learn a lot from them. Even though there are no systemic training systems here, I can be self-trained through experiences and the continued enthusiasm of the teammates while being evaluated by my own behaviour and results all the time. Startups are places in which you can focus on what you are supposed to focus on and cannot be distracted by unimportant things. You can become a professional faster than any other workplace. Of course, difficult times are unavoidable, yet they make me even more excited. That is why I joined here and I am enjoying every moment in a startup.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

This early September, global team members and I visited Mongolia as vision trip. Some ask if the company covered the expenses. Of course not. Some teammates and I went on the trip at our own expense and it was so memorable. There were no specific purposes. We just wanted to make use of the valuable time we are given through it. On the trip, I realized my future goals in life and in Buzzvil as well. The trip was well worth it. As Buzzvil does not have hierarchy, I am no sure if my classification is correct but the trip includes the director, the supervisor, team members, and also the new comers. When I posted some pictures from the trip on Instagram with hashtags like #the_right _director, #the_left_supervisor,  some asked why did I have to spend my valuable time-offs with coworkers. In Buzzvil, teammates are not just coworkers. In addition, we can freely use our time-offs. Buzzvil is a place where you get along with other people by having a heart-to-heart. Under the motto “Trust & Respect”, you can enjoy freedom with heavy responsibilities at the same time. Although many have already mentioned it, I could not talk about Buzzvil without mentioning the fact that we are working together with awesome people here. As all could check these through people blog postings, I will not mention here in detail. Please pay attention to the Buzzvillian people blog.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I want to be everything. These days a book called ‘How to Be Everything’ is all the rage, and versatile people are very sought-after. I actually do want to be a person who could handle everything perfectly but now am focusing on finding the thing that I could love and enjoy for my whole life. I want to try things that I have been interested in with all possibilities open at the moment. I have always wanted to be a producer or a lawyer but they all do not make me very excited. So I decided to keep searching to identify what I really want to do in my life as soon as possible. My short term goal at the moment is to figure that out till I become 30. So till then, I will live my life as an multipotentialite. Buzzvil offers many opportunities. You can experience new fields, and take the initiative in what you do. In terms of developing skill sets, you can learn useful things. I believe it is the perfect place that helps me achieve my dreams. I always say that my dream is to work with JYP, a Korean singer and music producer. It makes me ecstatic to imagine myself working with him. I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why as but he has long been an inspiration to me with his music, dance, and his way of life, I just want to get close to him to experience his positive energy. I’m not saying that I just want to work for the JYP entertainment. I just want to find the way to work with him in the way that I could do my best. ♥ JYP ♥

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