[Buzzvil People] Rumi Nakanishi, Marketing Manager

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1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hi, my name is Rumi. I’ve been working as marketing manager at Buzzvil for 2 years now. I was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and I spent one year in Alberta, Canada during college. When I was in Canada, I really enjoyed the Canadian Rockies, so I used to go camping in Banff. It’s very beautiful and one of my favorite place. My major was actually sociology in Japan, but I took a drama class most of my time in Canada, not because I wanted to be an actress obviously (acting was actually interesting and fun though!), but because I wanted to learn how to have a better presentation in English. I actually don’t have a marketing background from school but, just started working as I always liked digital things and digital marketing. Before I joined Buzzvil, I was working at marketing company in Malaysia. Our main client was a travel magazine company and the company designed their entire magazine, website and SNS channels as well. That’s where I started experiencing start-up enviroment. I really started loving it as a career as I was able to see the impact and accomplishment of my work.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

After I came back to Japan from Malaysia, I was looking for a marketing position and also a start-up company. A recruiter introduced me to the marketing manager position at Buzzvil. Lockscreen advertising was new to me and I didn’t know about HoneyScreen before, but the business was growing rapidly in Korea and the more I learned about such as unique service, the more I got interested and impressed. I was pretty excited to see the company growth and really wanted to be a part of beginning member in Japan. My first interview was at the coffee shop with Arata san(Country head in Japan) and it was a very relaxed situation. My second interview was with Arata san and Joshua (CSO). At the second interview, I had an assignment about “online viral marketing strategy” and “event plan” for HoneyScreen which is our own B2C focused reward application. At the time, I didn’t have much mobile application marketing skill, but was very interested in the space, especially because it was a chance for me to devise my ideas from the scratch and I really wanted to see what  the result could/would be. Three days after I got an offer, I was flying to Seoul to join my first workshop!  


3. What is your role at Buzzvil?

I’m in charge of marketing of HoneyScreen which is our own reward application for B2C service. I have a mission to get users and stay in HoneyScreen as long as we can. I plan all online acquisition marketing, and strategy and execute the projects. As the importance of data analysis highly takes place,  I put my resource more on optimization considering cost, LTV, and retention data. I also plan events for existing users and motivate them to participate our offer in app. As we also have started B2B service which is BuzzScreen in Japan, my role starts expanding to BuzzScreen marketing and PR. We just released our first BuzzScreen partner this Summer. Since then, I create content such as press releases and blog posts regularly to grow the company’s footprint. I used to write blogs about traveling so it’s nice to write contents again about what you love! Also, love the ideation work for content marketing and PR strategy development with Caitlyn, company branding and PR manager in Korea. When we get more partners, I would love to communicate with partner’s marketers to get feedback from them and make our lockscreen service even better.    


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

I feel like I’m learning quickly and moving fast every single day at work. The biggest advantage of working at a start-up is that the speed of learning and moving is impossibly fast! The other thing with speed and a start-up is access to the top levels. While start-ups have a shorter path to the top, speed of action and decision making are mostly directly affected by how flat a company is and how far employees are from the top. That’s usually easier in a start-up compared to a large traditional company with many layers and processes. That’s one of reason I love working at a start-up.

5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

I think you’ll find that everyone’s blog mentions our culture at work and I would say the same as it’s so true that Buzzvil has an amazing company culture. As I mentioned above, we can learn and move so quickly but we’re also pretty flat as an organization. That means , anyone can speak their mind. In Korea, there is a seat location rotation every 2 months. Everyone has a chance to have a seat next to the CEO. It’s pretty cool. Also we have an 1:1 with team leader whenever we want or need. At Buzzvil, I don’t have that feeling that I don’t want to go to the office tomorrow on Sunday night. 


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

I have so many goals and dreams for every different stage in life. For work, within a year, I want to make 10 BuzzScreen partners and also make the lockscreen service more popular in Japan. It’s already so popular in Korea but not yet in Japan. We just released our first partner and 2nd one is just about to release within this year. Japan business is getting exciting everyday and at every stage of growth, I learn different things. Once we have 10 partners in Japan, I want to create releasing party somewhere stylish in Japan. My personal goal within next couple of years, is going to see my last destination of the three great waterfalls of the world. I have been to both Niagara(in US and Canada) and Iguas(in Brazil and Argentina) waterfall before. The last one is called Victoria’s waterfall and it’s located between Zimbabwe and Zambia. There is a natural poor called “Devil’s pool” on the top of waterfall. If you are lucky, you can see wild hippopotamus there. How cool is that? The good thing is that Buzzvillians love traveling too. Wherever I plan to go traveling somewhere, I get tips from someone at Buzzvil. “Working hard and traveling harder!”  (Can we add this quote at Buzzvil, John?)

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