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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hi, This is Jarrod at Buzzvil. I’ve been a member of Buzzvil from the beginning in 2012 which means I have been a Buzzvillian for the last 6 years. Ex-Buzzvillian Cindy, who now lives in the States, gave me the name Jarrod as she thought it works well with me and now I’m quite used to it. Chelsea (named Chelsea as a Chelsea fan), who recently joined the partnership team and enjoys soccer, told me Jarrod suits me, so I like it even better. I was interested in movies ever since I was little. My plan was to study in Australia or in the U.S. after graduating from college, but I got a job at EBS as an AD. After that I worked as a PD at an outsourcing production for SBS, and as I was about to get used to broadcasting, I switched over to an F&B start-up company and set my foot in sales marketing. At the time, the CEO of the company used to be a planner at a renowned comprehensive advertising agency, so I got to learn advertising as well as sales while I was there.  As a result, I also designed and managed PB products for local major commerce companies (E-Mart, Lotte Mart, GS Supermarket, etc.). At this time, I was the advertiser who asked for ads, the opposite position of what I’m doing now.^^ It still feels like yesterday, when I was in contact and doing sales with almost all the franchise companies in Korea. Since then, I followed my dream of being abroad and went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to experience the freight forwarding business. I have been in charge of sales and management for domestic and foreign companies including Orion, POSCO, Samsung, LG, Hyosung, Lock & Lock, Lotte Mart, Lotteria, Hansol and Hansae for two and a half years.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

The reason I joined Buzzvil is very simple. I loved the service. After coming back from Vietnam where I stayed for two and a half years, I was awaited a job at a company in Japan for another new experience. Psy, an old friend of mine, who is now working with me in the same department at Buzzvil, persuaded me to continue working together in Korea. So Psy and I would often talk about all kinds of business and I joined in a meeting with John and Psy. I didn’t know who John was at that time and Psy was a friend, so without any prejudice, I encountered Buzzvil’s service (the name was Adhours at that time). On the side note, how I really got to know John was when John said he’s going to go printing at the TMON office when I was living with John at the beginning of Buzzvil*. I couldn’t have imagined that Buzzvil was going to have this huge impact on my life when I was just casually reading the proposals and picking up what John was saying as John and Psy were having a discussion. It’s true, that you never know life until you live it. With a single thought that I want to sell Buzzvil’s service, and I mean, ‘sell it real good’, I quit my Japanese class, quit talking about business with Psy and joined Buzzvil. Buzzvil didn’t have a real office at that time and the service needed a lot of correcting, but I was so passionate about working with them. There was this one time while I was living at John’s place, we got in an elevator with the co-workers to get lunch, and the lady living across our place asked us if we were athletes. A group of ten guys in track pants, I see why she said that. *John was a COO at TMON before starting Buzzvil.

**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

I do advertisement sales at Buzzvil. Personally, I think sales is finding that point in your product that you can ‘sincerely promote’ to others, no matter what business you’re in. If you don’t have confidence in your product, it isn’t easy to persuade others. Looking back on it, I thought about doing sales on Buzzvil’s service when it wasn’t even out yet. The spirit I had back in those days makes me laugh. I had a crush on a service, not a girl. That’s probably why I get teased by other Buzzvillians to marry Buzzvil. Anyhow, I believed in the product so much that my approach to sales could thankfully be positive. If I dare say, based on my past business experiences, there are a lot of people who blame that market situation or the product/service competitiveness for the difficulty in sales and justify themselves. This is not entirely wrong, but the sense of accomplishment in sales is much higher when it’s difficult. Looking back on 6 years at Buzzvil, I stand by that statement. I still cannot express in words how much joy and gratitude I feel when advertisers leave office and contact me first. Buzzvil is building a strong foundation as a lockscreen ad-network business, different from what it was 6 years ago. So the ad efficiency and  media power made sales a little easier, but I dream of the day many advertisers who do not know BuzzScreen yet to find out about us.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

I think working in start-up is a lot of responsibility. There are many people who think it’s cool to work in a start-up, but because of the risk, the members have to plan and execute their own roles thoroughly. This means a lot of responsibility. If you stay in a high-risk, high-return, rocket-ride-like dream, the dream will not come true. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by such burdens, but I am still enjoying the life in a start-up where the words freedom and responsibility coexist. With free culture and smart people, Buzzvil life is a valuable time for me that will take a big part of my life in the future. Still, I don’t know how many years I will be adding to the my past 6 years.


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

I love the horizontal culture of Buzzvil. I also like how Buzzvil is making many things happen through free communication with each other without being coercive. I believe that this culture has contributed greatly to enabling efficient individual work. Buzzvil values ​​self-leader and encourages all Buzzvillians to become self-leaders. Personally, I, too, think you can make better outcome by trying and achieving on your own and I think that’s why I was able to work with Buzzvil for so long. Finally, a variety of activities to get together with Buzzvillians who are kind and have much to learn from is why I love Buzzvil. In the end, everything starts from people. As a member of the sales team since the beginning, I worried about low sales, and I waited for Mondays on weekends because I wanted to work. “Is there anything better than a company that makes you want to go to work?”


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Buzzvil has allowed me to experience horizontal culture and provided a good opportunity to see the growth of the company as close as possible. I am one of the older members within the company, but I am sharing many ideas in this horizontal culture I mentioned earlier, and I often find things to learn from younger members. I feel like this is difficult to experience in other companies, and I think it is an experience that will surely help you, no matter what you do later. As many start-ups grow, they become big corporations, but I believe Buzzvil will keep its culture. The relationship I had with warm, clever, sincere and diverse Buzzvillians who have so much to learn from is something I would never trade with anything. I would like to see Buzzvil grow more and more. I am proud to say that I chose Buzzville 6 years ago. I am going to make my journey in Buzzvil, which is not finished yet, into a BuzzBillion. From what I remember, “Let’s become successful and get married” was the motto of the early days of Buzzvil, and all of our co-representatives did. If so, let me be next…

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