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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

My name is Maxence Mauduit, but for what I can remember everyone always called me Max. I have been living in Seoul for the last 33 months, it may sounds like quite a long time but obviously not enough for me to get even close to speak Korean.. I was a kid wish to be an martial art master but I quickly gave up on this one as my natural (un)flexibility brought me back to reality.. though my second dream was to become an inventor. My teachers told me that it wasn’t really a job and the education system pushed me into that terrible formatting mold. I sucked at school, wasn’t interested at all, enjoyed a bit too much my youth but finally managed to graduate in mathematics and physics (even me couldn’t believe it). I am born in France, the educational system there gives you a lot of freedom in how you decide to manage your own path, but your measure will open more or less doors. Having that scientific background got me a lot of possibilities, including one that would give me an opportunity to realize an old dream: become a designer (quite close enough to become an inventor, don’t you think?). I was 17-18 when I moved from the south East of France to the North West coast in Nantes, 1200km from mommy and daddy. This school changed my life in many ways, it broke my formatted way of thinking, challenged my creativity every day, I met incredible people and got prepared to face a very competitive professional world. After 5-6 years I had a Master in Interactive Design Engineering and another research master in virtual and innovation engineering from the prestigious ENSAM. More importantly I spent one of the best time of my life, memories from these 5 years are priceless to me. Oh and one more thing and not the least, during my 4th year I have had the opportunity to study a semester in Hongdae, another life changing experience! I started working in a research and development lab in Paris right after finishing a great internship at a Startup also located in Paris. I had fun working there, projects were exciting and rewarding but to tell the truth since my semester in Seoul I couldn’t imagine myself living in France anymore. So I planned my upcoming 4 years the day I joined this company, saving money for my big move: starting a life abroad and more likely in Seoul as I had friends and a network there to help me. In April 2014 I quit my job, left my Parisian apartment and my French life to move in Korea for an undecided period. In June 2014 I landed in Seoul, my great friend ‘Gaetoe’ hosted me for a few months, another friend ‘SeungYoun’ offered me to participate in a workshop in KAIST, keeping me busy for a while. I then applied to a few job offers on LinkedIn while working at a friend’s design studio in Sangsu (Hyun Joo’s). Buzzvil was one of them!

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

A thirst for new adventures. I am the kind of person who can get bored easily. Well that didn’t really happen since I joined Buzzvil! Plus the startup offered me the opportunity to reach one of my personal goals: working abroad. Professionally speaking I also wanted to get back to a human scaled company carrying dreams. My previous work environment was a big consulting company with good working conditions but without that, there are not much I can value. So what brings me to Buzzvil? An opportunity to challenge myself professionally, a personal achievement, the will to meet and work with great people while integrating and discovering another culture and a bit of a luck :)


**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

I am in charge of the Design team and I am more particularly taking care of our product’s Design. My work is just about that, leading an awesome team of skilled designer through a very singular design process and adapting it pretty much all the time to fit the needs of a growing business. My major and first experiences were related to Virtual Reality, Real Time Communications, Rich Media System and educational oriented Virtual Paradigms… quite far from app design and even far away from advertising industry. But to be honest I believe that methodology makes a great designer regardless the specialties and fields. Your methods as a designer will tell how adaptive, proactive and creative you can be. I made it my specialty, learning how to build and adapt my design methods, how to enhance the creative process and finally the ways to transform a concept into specs.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup? or advertising industry?

Good. Great. Tiring. Exciting. That’s pretty much how working at a startup feels. Buzzvil give their members a lot of responsibilities, that make your work exciting but also exhausting :). One of Buzzvil core values is “Take the Initiative”, that’s the first thing that came into my mind while reading the question. The good thing with such working environment is that responsibilities gives us freedom, we can manage our time and the way we work as we please as long as the job is done. This is a very rewarding feeling. Regarding the advertising industry: I hate it. Deeply hate it. As a user. And that is where my work gets exciting. I am participating building our user’s experience, so keeping in mind our business model, my work is to find the best ways to make the experience attractive to our users. And yes, working on an advertisement based service is damn challenging for a UX designer!


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

People. Buzzvil is a great place to work thanks to buzzvilians. We have talents and I have learnt so much from them. I don’t even talk about skills but more likely about ways of thinking, process and relationship,… working with an A team challenges you, motivates you so you can also feel as part of it too. Of course culture helps, but it helps by giving us freedom and opportunities to interact and learn from each other.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Sure, plenty. Always. People should always have dreams! That’s the only reason why I get off my bed every morning (and beside the evident need of income). I am gonna keep my personal dreams for myself if that’s alright, but there is one dream or professional goal I can share: one day I want to work on tangible services, with a core team of friends and under our own flag. Call it IoT, connected objects or whatever other fancy name you can find on Techcrunch. The point is that sometimes I miss the reality of an object or a space. Screens are nice but limited to their own frames and virtuality. I have sometimes that feeling of an already old fashioned interactive artefact. It may sound weird as our daily life is clearly surrounded by screens and as their technology continues to improve. Maybe the fact that this is now part of our daily routine makes it less sexy no matter how thin and flexible it is. Invisible interfaces, smart objects, responsive spaces, that sounds definitely exciting to me! (If an investor reads this, please be assured that mobiles and others screen devices are gonna “probably” have a long life). My experience at Buzzvil is giving me foundations for a potential entrepreneur adventure later on. Our CEO’s and leaders are sharing a lot of their process, feedbacks, ideas and of course, their dreams. I learn by observing and working with people who succeeded in what I aim to reach one day!

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