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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello! I am Park Shinji who is in charge of HoneyScreen marketing at Buzzvil. My English nickname is Jianna. (Logan, who has recently joined our marketing team as an intern, keeps on calling me Jian-na, but now that this opportunity is given after one month, I want to tell him it is called Jia-na not Jian-na~ It’s okay~ Don’t be embarrassed Logan~ That’s how the world goes~ ^_______^) I thought it is not difficult to pronounce my Korean name so while I was living in the U.S., I adhered to the name ‘Shinji’. After joining Buzzvil, I gave myself an English nickname. While I was contemplating on what English name to use, I remembered the name of a friend I knew in the U.S., Jiana. I always had thought it was an unique and pretty name so without consent from that friend I decided to use Jianna, with one more n added. After joining the company, I learned that the English nickname of actress Jeon Ji-hyun is Jianna. I’m just saying^^

2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

After graduating from a university in Illinois, the U.S., I worked as a freelance reporter at Busan English Broadcast in Busan, which is my hometown, and while I was looking for a full-time job, I happened to join Buzzvil. Actually, I was looking for a foreign company with a liberal environment where I can constantly use English. Then, by chance, at People & Job, employment and recruitment site for foreign companies, I came across a job opening of Buzzvil, which was looking for a marketer. I decided to apply after looking at the following sentence which was posted along with the opening: “A marketer always thinks and quickly acts.” At the time, at English Broadcast, for the radio program ‘Life On Hold’ I interviewed various people, edited and reported. There was a time when for three broadcasts per week, I had to look for three foreigners whom I can interview in English. Whether it was a street, department store, bookstore, or Haeundae I always carried a mike and whenever I saw a foreigner I shouted out “Excuse me!” and pointed the mike toward him…haha. Actually, when I was trying it for the first time, I did not have any courage. Even when I wanted to interview I let several people pass because of my lack of courage. Sometimes, I would spend the whole day that way. Did I become used to my work? No. Haha. Every morning it was a new challenge for me to approach a stranger and ask for an interview. Apart from fulfilling the number of interviews, it was another mission to conduct interviews until finding a person who has a unique story and does not have an ordinary job. However, as a result of such work, I repeatedly learned how to “think and quickly act”, like the sentence from the job opening of Buzzvil looking for a marketer suggests. In the final interview, John(CEO), after hearing my story, asked me if I was also carrying a mike that day and about endowing myself an image of an entrepreneur from Busan who succeeded through a start-up; he was thinking about using me for the promotion of HoneyScreen. A funny thing is that I did bring a mike and a recorder to Seoul in a bag due to my professional mindset. I contemplated on taking them out, but eventually gave up. Near the end of this interview, John was overly chatty, going as far as saying, “Today will be the last day you work as a reporter. From next week on, you will go to an office of this company.” At that moment, I thought I got accepted. However, whether because he likes to push-and-pull or is always late to notify, there was no notification on the day which was promised to be the day of notification so I was depressed. Three days passed and Jimmy, who does not work for the company now but will always be my boss, called me to inform me that I was accepted. A memory pops in my head of me being mad at him for giving a late call. That is how I joined Buzzvil and as marketer of HoneyScreen Jianna, I have been working for a year and half^^


**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

I am in charge of marketing of HoneyScreen, which is Buzzvil’s own B2C focused reward application. To briefly explain the team’s work, we, the marketing team, expose HoneyScreen to potential users through various channels and induce them to download and register. This is work for before-register. As regards after-register, we try to retain users even for one more day and induce them to provide more revenues before they withdraw the registration. As such, there are these two types of work, and I am assuming the latter. For the tracking guideline I am using DAU, Daily Activity Users. Along with this, I am monitoring retention rate and active user rate, which shows the percentage of those who are participating in advertisement. Because it is important to experiment with and apply various marketing activities in order to boost such rates, through the work in question I am trying to optimize all experiences and traffics of HoneyScreen users from their moment of registration and extract rates for tracking to the maximum value. For the users, I am working toward a goal to deliver them as much value as HoneyScreen can give. Ultimately, I plan to organize everything into HoneyScreen User Journey/Experience Map so I can constantly manage and update.

Apart from this, in recent times I am expanding my work to BuzzScreen marketing. In the second half of last year, a new mission was given: ‘While proceeding with all types of work, prioritize finding marketing that can also be applied to BuzzScreen.’ When I first came upon such direction from John, I thought he was acting like Steve Jobs, haha. Finding through HoneyScreen marketing that can be applied to partner apps of BuzzScreen that are different in character and in the purpose of setting lock screen? I understood by the head, but not by the mind. Nowadays, for this Steve Jobs-like mission, I view HoneyScreen as a publisher just like other partner apps of BuzzScreen and am concentrating upon finding marketing that can be commonly applied. Although I still lack in know-how, under the values the lock screen can deliver, I dream of the day when Buzzvil becomes the leader of the ‘lock screen marketing’ and I become a partner of BuzzScreen as an innovator so I can provide a powerful marketing guide that can be applied to any app around the world.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup?

Working at a start-up? To be honest it’s scary. This is an opinion that I have shared at the culture section of our team. The start-up is a scary place where if, with your team and based on one’s own work KPI, you do not actively and aggressively make and lead a project, you can suddenly lie at the outskirts of the organization. Why? Individual has a lot of work load so he cannot lead another person and everyone is very busy. It is not that anyone intentionally pushes you away; it is a scary and natural phenomenon that appears in a fast start-up culture. So personally, I think types of people Buzzvil needs and I can relate to are self-leader and action taker. Although in the organizational structure of Buzzvil team leaders and team members exist, each individual has to have self-leadership in order to avoid burn-out and manage a lot of work load. Also, she has to have motive to independently and actively initiate a project in order to create productive experiences for both the company and oneself. As regards such aspect, this may be so in all start-ups but especially Buzzvillians each manages the work load of 200 people. Unlike me who always make an exhausted face as if I am supporting Buzzvil alone, Buzzvillians each does not reveal his/her hardship and always shows passion, which I deeply respect. Just by working at this place Buzzvil, which is full of people who are smart, vigorous and best in their positions, I am learning a lot. It feels like going to school while being paid for it. Haha. So I am grateful of and consider it a blessing to work at Buzzvil, which is scary but a great school for me!


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

One of the foremost advantages of Buzzvil is the atmosphere you can enjoy. Attendance and quitting time is not restricted; books are given without limit; working space consists of interior design that provides inspiration; language education fee is supported; and recently, clubs have appeared and their activities are also supported. There are many benefits you can receive as a Buzzvilian. Although most start-ups promote their welfare systems and horizontal cultures, I can affirm that Buzzvil is the best company where one can enjoy all those things without constraint. Now I think about it, it was possible to form such atmosphere because the company showed deep trust toward Buzzvillians it has picked. One of the things I feel grateful toward the company is that no matter how many experiences or careers you have had before, as regards the work you are in charge of, other employees respect you as a professional. Due to such atmosphere, even if you fail or make mistakes as to action item that Buzzvil carries out with distinct purpose and clear data, you can freely share your experience with other people. When I honestly shared my failures to the teammates, I found an opportunity to receive a lesson that I had never thought of from other teammate and design a new marketing experiment. Such experience led me to decide to honestly share even my mistakes and failures in the future. Of course, I should not make mistakes often or repeat them. As such, Buzzvillians can freely share and discuss any opinion and in turn, enjoy the Buzzvil culture.


6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Actually, when I first joined the company, I did not have a clear notion of what start-up is nor had a big plan as regards the industry. However, as I was working at Buzzvil, I realized that my long wanted dream can be realized through the tool that is start-up. I cannot talk about it in detail at this moment because what I want to do is yet unspecific and undecided^^;; However, for me who believes ‘Whatever I do or whomever I meet at anywhere, all these things have a clear reason and meaning,’ every day at Buzzvil is becoming precious experience and base for things I want to try out in the future. Lastly, you asked how I want to live. From when I was young, my small daily dream and goal was to become a person who brightens up her surroundings and exerts positive influence. Casting my mind back, I am living opposite to my dream nowadays because I am exhausted from several works. I ought to remind myself one more time and strive to become a person who delivers bright energy to people around me. Right away from today on! :)

``We are Hiring!`` Buzzvil is finding a capable person. (Direct Link)

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