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1.Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.

Hello. I am Ahreumong, the “youngest” team member working at the design team. When I joined Buzzvil at the age of 22, I was the youngest one at Buzzvil. But, now that I am 26 years old, I am not the youngest one here in Buzzvil anymore.

Before joining Buzzvil, I worked at the design company which produces the packages, posters, and POP ads for the products such as Hal-la-san Soju, Dole, Physiogel, Sensodyne, and Avent presented by Philips. Back then, I had been involved in every single jobs including the meetings with the clients and getting the orders from them, planning the projects and the final delivery of the products. However, due to the extremely wide business scope and the heavy workload, I could hardly have my private life, which made me completely exhausted at that time. Furthermore, some of the colleagues even had personal attack on my appearance, which I cannot even imagine here at Buzzvill now. Besides, some of my seniors scolded me severely and I could not stand and bear it any longer.

Meanwhile, I was looking for my new job, and luckily I was able to join Buzzvil. It has been over three years since I joined this company and right now, my colleagues call me “the ammonite”! By the following question, I will tell you the story about how I have got to join Buzzvil.


2. What brings you to Buzzvil?

It is a little embarrassing for me to tell you this, but in fact, I am a Buzzvillian who joined Buzzvil through the second public employment opportunity following Anna who is in charge of the operation for Korea HoneyScreen and its customer service. Before Anna started working at this company, as far as I know, almost everyone joined this company by the introduction of their acquaintances. Among the ones who are currently working in this company, there are only eight people who joined this company before I did, and they are the two CEOs, John & Young, three co-founders, Joey,Patrick, Zune and Joshua, who abruptly became apparently pretty mature after joining Buzzvil, and Anna, who joined Buzzvil by the first public employment, and finally Jarrod, the great mentor of Buzzvil. Well… Am I enough to be called an ammonite? ^-^

After leaving the first company that I had worked, I unexpectedly saw Buzzvil’s employment notice and it seemed full of the energy and charm of the start-up company. There, people worked with more flexibility, and it had the horizontal hierarchy in the company. In addition, all the members of the company had a good sense of humor and I felt that the overall atmosphere of the company was pretty young and vibrant, which made me apply for a position in this company. The interviewer told me that sometimes the table in the conference room could be turned into a ping pong table, and people also enjoy a variety of company culture such as going bowling together after having company dinner, and I was pretty much excited about it.

I was interviewed by Mr. Moon, the head of the design lab and he was asking me so many questions which were extremely tricky. In the meantime, I thought to myself; “If I worked with this gentleman who does his job extremely deliberately like this, I could get a beneficial feedback from him and I would quickly learn a lot of things to make myself more advanced even if I had to do a lot of work.” With this reason, I have decided to join this company.

Just like that, I joined Buzzvil in November 2013, with a good news of passing the entrance examination. (However, back then, Buzzvil was planning to hold athletics competition, so there was a rumor that they hired the youngest one who is absolutely good at sports.)


**3. What is your role at Buzzvil?**

The Buzzvil design team has the open environment where the team members can basically do and perform various types of tasks. The team members decide their own job scopes, and work on their own with the consent from the team manager. During the early days when I joined the company, I gave assistance to the sales team and marketing team. In order to create the prettier first screen and the lockscreen on mobile, I checked a lot of Ad designs and produced the ads on my own and also made up the templates and creatives for the various events presented by HoneyScreen Korea and Japan.

Actually, in the beginning stage, the design team did not work on the project with the rotation base. It was not until the current design team leader, Max, joined this company that the process settled into shape. By the time I got used to my job, supporting the sales and marketing team, Max asked me to work for Brand Identity.

Just like that, I am currently in charge of Brand Identity at Buzzvil. You would say I work on branding including creating the logos, interior design as well as designing the product and printed materials such as the business cards, brochures, posters, and promotional items. In fact, sometimes I am still supporting the marketing and sales team based on Visual Creative such as cross-promotion and ticket events for the advertiser.

Personally, I have been interested in working on branding. While working on the overall image designs associated with Buzzvil, I am learning a lot about it. For your information, there are a lot of people full of enthusiasm who want to learn the skill for Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. With this reason, I am afraid that I might be kicked out of Buzzvil sooner or later.


4. How does it feel to work at a startup?

Basically, I think that the key feature of working at a start-up company is that people can freely communicate with others and it has horizontal culture in the organization. Moreover, another advantage is that the individual employees can make a variety of attempts because they play a leading role in doing their jobs.

Personally speaking, due to the decent corporate culture, I have been able to work at Buzzvil for a long time. Thanks to “Challenge Board system”, that shares one’s challenge with all the people, praise the one and award him a prize when he achieves that challenge, I was able to read more than three books in a month, and I also visited the art-exhibition more than twice a month. In addition, I was able to lose 3kg! (But, now I’ve gained weight again)

Furthermore, thanks to Cindy, the best HR manager in my career life, in 2014, I had a chance to experience the family-friendly corporate culture of the start-up company, which shares the small items and the talents that each employee has. Of course, this kind of event was possible because our company was small. But, I learned how to play the guitar and we had guerrilla concert in our company, and I enjoyed the bread and cookies that Cindy baked with other people.

Above all, I really liked the corporate culture of having meals alternately with other team members and socializing with them. Now that we have 60 employees, I am a little sorry that we do not have many opportunities to interact with each co-worker.

To talk about the disadvantages of our company, it is a relatively small company because it is a start-up. That’s why the job performance of each individual employee is completely apparent and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I personally think it is an advantage that motivates each employee. Sometimes, however, I also think it can be a disadvantage that discourages the members of the company. And another disadvantage of our company is the wa..g..e… … ? ^ _ ^


5. Is there something that you can say “this is the best part being Buzzvillians”?

My team leader that I mentioned earlier is a French guy and his name is Max. In order to talk to him, I have to speak English, but in my whole life, the only English sentence that I know is that “My name is ~ and nice to meet you.” So, it was very hard for me to talk to him at first. Besides, I have been scared of speaking in English. So, I did not study English very much. (A lot of my acquaintances told me that they never imagined that I would study English.)

Max is a very warm-hearted and open minded person. Furthermore, sometimes his meticulousness and delicacy as a French guy makes me really surprised. In fact, when I speak to him, I do not really feel comfortable as much as I communicate in Korean. Nevertheless, as Max sincerely takes care of me, I was able to deeply study on UI / UX during the off-hours, and I could be deeply interested in the field of design with more enthusiasm.

The introduction was a long story. For the reasons above, I would like to say that the great advantage of working at Buzzvil is that we can have the opportunity to work with people from various countries around the world and, we can also study and learn Second Language. (Recently, a new UI / UX designer from Vietnam named Derek joined our team. So, currently, my design team has four designers who are from all different countries including France, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea.)

I think that another advantage of working at Buzzvil is the ‘corporate culture with opportunities’ that enables the employees to challenge various tasks. It is not only limited to fulfilling one’s duties. However, based on doing one’s job, it means that I can choose the work that I want to do among the various tasks and I can try to complete it myself. As such, I could have strong responsibility for my job and I could have a lot of burden for it, but I think it’s great that I can challenge it myself.

There are so many passionate people with and diversity in Buzzvil. They are surely smart and they do their jobs very well. So, I often feel that I should be humble and I need to improve myself. I am inspired by these Buzzvillians a lot, but, even if I try hard being inspired by them, sometimes I feel depressed and I get sick and tired of my jobs. Sometimes I get skeptical about why I have to work and try so hard. in addition, since I have to set up my own business scope and I have to work on my own, I do not feel like I’m being cared for by someone and I do not have a strong sense of belonging to my company.

It is not easy to survive at Buzzvil, which regards the self-leader who autonomously performs his duties as the ideal employee. However, I think it will be a valuable experience for me.

6. Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?

Quit working at Buzzvil? (I’m just kidding!)

Every time, John told us “Dream the Impossible”. As such, my dream is to be a successful designer with my name, “Kim, Ah-Reum” by properly branding myself.

I wish in the future I would be someone’s role model or mentor to follow. It is not easy to become a role model for someone. However, just as I started working at Buzzvil as an editorial designer and then became a creative designer later, I would like to gradually experience all aspects of the design. I would like to challenge a variety of projects breaking out of the existing framework. With this reason, I think that the communication that I’ve done with a lot of people in Buzzvil and the multiple design experiences I’ve acquired will be the stepping stone for me to be a better designer!

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