[Buzzvil People] CSO, Joshua Kwon

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Joshua Ohsu Kwon, Head of Global Business



Seoul, Korea


Originally, up until high school, I was a “sciences” student, but after taking the college admissions exam and contemplating my career path, I had the vague idea of wanting to get into business, so I requested to change programs and entered the school of business administration at Seoul National University. As I’m now working at an IT startup, it’s true that I somewhat regret not majoring in computer engineering, but by developing myself in a field that I can excel in, my goal is to become the best partner possible that outstanding developers want to work or found a company with. If anything, my past sciences background is a big help now when I work with software engineers. Before I came to Buzzvil, I was at Google Korea for 9 months, working on mobile ad partnerships and strategy and advertiser sales, and from this experience, I was able to build my understanding of the mobile/online advertising industry.


There are 3 main reasons why I chose Buzzvil. The first is that Buzzvil aims to be a global startup. In order to be a global startup, Buzzvil innovates in organizational structure and work methods, and with a firm business model as a foundation, Buzzvil has the resources and capacity to actively enter into global markets. As someone who has strong interest in global business development, I believe this is a good learning opportunity. Secondly, Buzzvil endeavors to innovate in the mobile advertising market. Though it was for a short time, the mobile/online ad market that I experienced at Google was an exciting field that changed extremely quickly, and if I become an expert in this field, I was convinced that I would understand a significant pillar of the IT business. Lastly, Buzzvil is a place where talented team members and an entrepreneur with many experiences of success are gathered. The process of contemplating with these people day and night and running a startup is a valuable experience for someone like me whose ultimate goal is to start my own startup.


I currently manage global business development at Buzzvil. It’s a role that establishes a global strategy for Honeyscreen, plans the localization and launch of our service in each country, and also supports the local team that consists of experts in each country so that they can get the best results. The appeal of global business development is that, just like the process of a startup, it’s like doing a header with the bare ground to get results. Also, working with talented people from diverse nationalities is very enjoyable and I also learn a lot. Recently, many startups are taking on the challenge of going global, and I believe that as there will gradually be more movement in this way, I want to create a good case example. Furthermore, I believe that all these processes will be a great help to me when I found my own global startup.


I like our bar table the most, where you can see Seokchon Lake and Lotte World Mall at one glance. Especially when I work late, there are many times when looking at the nightscape through the window clears any feelings of stuffiness or frustration.


My dream is to create a global startup with a great culture and a product/service that makes a positive impact on the world. I still have a long way to go, but if I move forward one step at a time as I’m doing now, then I believe I’ll be able to reach my destination before I know it.


You only get one life, and it’s too short as it is to do all the things you want to do, so live with no regrets!

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