[Buzzvil People] Senior Software Engineer / Co-founder, Zune Seo

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Zune Jueun Seo, Software Engineer & Co-founder



Geochang, Korea


I’ve enjoyed games since I was young, so my goal was to study computer science. Around the time I graduated from my undergraduate program, I discovered the appeal of hardware, so I was studying soldering and chip design in graduate school while considering to pursue a path in hardware. Those were the days when I was more accustomed to Verilog than C. However, after I completed my Master’s degree, I found myself creating printer firmware at the company I was with, and with that, I returned to the world of software. Then, the iPhone launched in Korea and as the mobile age began, in a corner of my mind, there was a growing desire to try developing something myself. Though I lacked the courage to initiate something on my own, right at that time, Young came to find me and together, we started Buzzvil.  


_I like Buzzvil because I can work with good people. Without a great team, it’s not possible to create a great service, but I have the feeling that if it’s at Buzzvil, we’ll be able to achieve it. Another reason that I like Buzzvil is the free and enjoyable environment. At Buzzvil, Teddy speaks informally and addresses by first name to even those who are more than 10 years older than him. At Buzzvil, Sophie boldly recommends her brother’s hair and scalp care shop to our CEO, John, who has thin hair. At Buzzvil, even Joshua, who was rumored to be the “perfect guy” among our university juniors and seniors, has been affectionately nicknamed the “Yeonbyeon gay”. (Disclaimer: This does not have any basis in fact nor does it reflect in any way Buzzvil’s views on the LGBT community!) Moving forward, I hope we maintain this atmosphere where we can comfortably interact with each other._


When our team first said they wanted to create a lock screen app for the iPhone, I, who had decided to take charge of developing for iOS, desperately tried to stop them, saying that it was not possible. However, after scrambling and a lot of seemingly wasted time, we finally succeeded. Of course, due to the limitations of the iOS platform and the dominance of Android in the domestic market, it’s hard to say that the Honeyscreen iPhone app is a huge success. However, whereas dozens of Android lock screen apps have been released, I take pride in the fact that Honeyscreen is still the only iPhone lock screen app out there. After all, we were able to make what was seemingly impossible into a reality.


The kitchen (‘Relationships’ Room). I like a kitchen that always has plenty of drinks and snacks. However, after recently spending almost $1,000 at the dentist, I’ve been coming to our kitchen only to have water. Oh, and our meeting room with our ping-pong table is also a spot I like. (I hope Jimmy will soon treat me to the $150 meal that he owes me for our bets from our ping-pong matches.)


Speaking with the standard Seoul accent. Language has always been a barrier for me. Nobody believes that I once lived in Seoul when I was young and used to speak in the Seoul dialect. The sad truth is that even when I speak English, I have a Gyongsang Province dialect.


  Become a person of progress. I’ve always been slow at learning and getting used to new things. However, I’m the type of person who, once I become familiar with something, can excel at it better than others. What’s more, these days I am getting used to getting used to new things. Luckily, I’ve always had outstanding people in my vicinity – high school friends, university friends, my seniors from grad school, and coworkers. Thanks to these people, I’ve been able to be stimulated by them and evolve. Even if somehow aliens were to appear on Earth, I would learn something from them too.

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