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Young Lee, CEO & Co-founder


Geochang, Korea


  Before I started my military service, my life was very normal. I lived a typical kind of life, and if you copied and pasted my life story, it was more or less the same as that of the friend next to me. However, after being discharged from the military, for the first time in my life I dreamed of breaking out of the norm. After all, you only have one life, and for once, I wanted to live the way I wanted and just go wherever my feet could take me. So, I went to Australia for a year on a working holiday. During that one year, I really did whatever and went wherever I wanted, living somewhat like a hippie. My time and experience in Australia was a crucial opportunity for me to live freely and differently from other people. After I returned from Australia, I naturally began to wonder whether there were any fun startup ideas with my friends, and after discussing this and that, the first product we created was an iPhone app called “Secure My iPhone.” At that time, just the fact that something we thought up actually became a visible product was amazing to us. On top of that, when users downloaded and used this app that we originally created with no expectations, and even took the time to thank us, I felt a kind of joy and happiness that I’d never experienced before. That’s when I had my first taste of what it’s like at a startup and what making a product is all about, and this eventually led to my current experience at Buzzvil.


Creating with our own hands something that people like and need, releasing this product out into the world, and having people enjoy and appreciate this product enabled me to experience a joy that can’t be described in words, and I decided my profession would be to build a startup that makes this joy possible. However, if this had been a decision I made on my own, Buzzvil would not exist today. It’s thanks to the valuable teammates that supported this goal and joined me in my cause that Buzzvil was able to be born.


Thinking about how to make a product that users will like and need is when I personally feel the happiest and am most immersed in my work. When I take those ideas and, together with our team, we plan, design and develop a product that we can all be proud of and can show the world after all our hard work, the sense of accomplishment and happiness that I get is an experience that you can’t buy with money. Of course, when users enjoy and love this product, nothing could make me happier. I believe this feeling is why I continue to make products.


I like the “Patience” room, also known as the immersion room. I tend to like drinking tea quietly and thinking by myself, and when I’m in the immersion room, I’m able to drink tea or think deeply without being disturbed or interrupted by anyone else, so I really like this room. There are days when I spend more time in the Patience room than at my desk, so sometimes, my teammates that sit next to me say that they miss me (I’m currently writing this in the Patience room as well!).


  I don’t think I can dare to say what the ultimate dream of my life is at this time. The life I’ve lived so far is still too short and humble for me to be confident about my final lifelong dream. I believe that life is similar to a mountain – you can hike to what you think is the peak, but once you get there, you see another, higher mountain peak. Our lives are similar. If I work hard to run toward my current life goal, I’ll arrive there one day, and I believe that the world I see at that point in my life will be different from the world that I will have seen and believed previously. In this way, I believe that my goal and direction in life will naturally change. In this aspect, rather than coming up with a final goal for my life, I’m more interested in identifying a goal to set as another mountain peak in my life and diligently climb towards it. The current goal that I’ve set as my life’s next peak is “to build a good and healthy company.” My current goal is to build a company that creates products that we can proudly recommend to our family and friends, a company that each of our teammates is proud to be a part of.


  When we were at our 142-square-foot office in Nakseongdae, there were two key words posted on our wall that I held close to my heart: “belief” and “patience.” I believe that there’s nothing in life that comes free or easy. If you walk down a path, you will at times meet dead ends or even fall from fatigue. Whenever this happens, if you have the belief that your work has meaning and can succeed, and if you have the patience to endure any hardships that you encounter on this path, I believe that you will achieve your goal in the end. This is why I treasure the words “belief” and “patience” in my heart.

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